Finished Basements in NJ by NJ Reliable Construction

Not every home is equipped to have a basement, but if yours does have that capability, you will need to do all the necessary construction and architectural requirements to ensure that it’s both aesthetically pleasing and sustainable. This may sound like a challenge.

However, NJ Reliable Construction has got your covered for all finished basements in NJ. With our reasonable costs and great value for every penny spent, you won’t have to worry about anything at all.

Our services cover a wide range and adhere to the finished basement building codes in NJ. This does not only promise high-quality workmanship, but we also consider your home’s structural integrity and safety of your family.

Let’s discuss more of what we can do for you and your home.

When it comes to basement remodeling, renovation, and finishing, you can look forward to only the best output from a company with enough skill and experience. NJ Reliable Construction LLC has had decades worth of basement remodeling and construction experience to our name, and we’ve worked with over 3,000 home basement projects during this time.

Aside from that, we only use top-grade and well-suited durable materials to ensure that your long-term needs are met in this regard. In short, we are one of the best and most reliable basement finishing in NJ service providers who can get the job done.

We understand how the process can get too technical and complicated for our clients to understand, and we assure you that NJ Reliable Construction LLC values communication highly.

It is our top priority that you get the comfort and convenience of a well-designed basement, so we’re with you every step of the way. Initially, we provide design consultation and cost estimates for free so you can have a rough idea of what the project entails.

It’s during these meetings that we can discuss how to work within your budget, what the best options are, and how long the basement work will take. We can also be contacted through our business phone where our helpful staff can accommodate and attend to your inquiries.

 Basement Finishing Top Contractor in NJ

A basement is basically a lower level in your home that can be converted into almost any room for any purpose. It can be as ordinary as a storage room, something useful like a guest room, or a fancier and more specific space like a home theater room, a home gym, or a wine cellar. The possibilities are endless in this case, and whatever your plan is for your basement, we’re here to help you bring that aspiration to life.

Our services can cover any ideas you may have, and we have a team of licensed and experienced professionals who can do the job. Our highly skilled plumbers, electricians, and engineers will take charge of the utility lines as our designers and architects interpret your vision.

Here are some of the services we offer over the years to show what we’re capable of as far as finished basements in NJ are concerned:




    Custom Bars

    A basement turned into a bar, with a pantry and a kitchen, isn’t the typical home improvement choice, but it surely brings a new kind of luxury, especially if you like having people over for some fun.

    A custom bar will require additional plumbing work given the water fixtures, but our NJ Reliable Construction plumbers have you covered on that avenue.

    We can offer you the professional assistance you need if you prefer another subcontractor for the integrated furniture. Our team is knowledgeable and capable enough, so you can rest easy knowing that you will be informed of all updates regarding your project.

    Home Theaters

    For a setting suited for a theater, the confined and intimate space of a basement proves to be very ideal. It is for this reason that this finishing is one of the most popular requests among our clients.

    The lack of windows in this area can easily be an opportunity to enhance your film viewing experience, alongside a good lighting design and a chic furniture setup. Not only do we have competent designers ready, but we also have reliable engineers and crews that can do all the installation for wiring, equipment, and appliances.

    It is also your prerogative if you prefer the home automation services of subcontractors. We can deal with this transaction on your behalf. We assign a project manager respectively to handle all the workings on your behalf, with your consent.


    It is an option that children can play in their bedrooms, but turning your basement into a playroom can work wonders in helping them distinguish bedtime from playtime.

    With that in mind, our designers and decorators are equipped with the proper know-how on how to childproof a room to ensure safety while they play. This entails the installation of padding on the walls and the capping of sharp furniture edges to reduce the likelihood of accidents happening without your notice.

    Supervision is necessary, but with great design, you’ll have less stuff to stress about in your home.

    Game Rooms

    If your home is a house where mostly adults live, where most of you bond with electronics and games, then you can turn your basement into a family game room. This kind of repurposing is another favorite amongst our basement finishing in NJ services.

    Our designers can hook you up with an efficient layout with fancy lighting to set the mood, and you can integrate a home theater system with a console or have it connected to your computer.

    In addition to all that, you can throw in a lounge where people can play pool or cards. A cocktail bar and a kitchenette can even be integrated as a part of the design. With a room like this in your home, you won’t need to leave home to have a great party.

    Home Gyms

    Exercising and staying in shape can be a challenge to a family who lives at a distance from the city, but you’ll have less of an excuse if you had a gym in your home. The basement can be an ideal place for such an activity, and we can build you one that complies with finished basement building codes in NJ.

    We value your health as much as your safety, so our engineers can install a ventilation system to keep the air flowing and prevent the accumulation of mold. Our designers are well-versed when it comes to the best materials in the market, so you can count on durable rubber mat flooring and wall finishes that are easy to clean and maintain.

    We can also assist subcontractors during the ingress and installation of complex workout equipment. Aside from that, you are given an option to merge a home gym with a home office, thus allowing you to maximize the use of your basement space.


    One of the most commonly requested projects are spaces for professionals who work from home. Whether it’s a private office with a studio workshop or one that allows clients to come over for inquiries, NJ Reliable Construction has got your covered.

    We can furnish you a basement office that you can brag online and a real one that suits your taste and preferences. We have hundreds of layouts for you to choose from. Alternatively, you can come up with your own setup, and it’s a guarantee that we can remodel it as requested.

    Our designers can also provide you with multiple design options with regards to material choice, furniture orientation, color schemes, and lighting fixtures. All of these services come with the package should you choose us for your basement finishing in NJ project.

    Outdoor Living

    These may be spaces that are a level lower than the natural ground line, but you can always integrate your basement area to an alfresco lounge at the lawn. This way, you can have more room for gatherings and events. If you have this in mind, we got your covered.

    We can also offer redesigning approaches where we can let a bit of natural light into your basement. Letting a bit of your garden into your basement may even sound like a fun thing to set up, and we can help you with that.

    Play Houses

    If you have already repurposed your basement into a different room but would like to put in an additional feature to use up space, a playhouse sounds like a great idea. Children usually like to build themselves forts in their bedrooms, so this is a very viable option for a family with kids.

    The design can range from simple to complex, but it has to be childproof and safe for kids to crawl into and play in. With that in mind, we have a team of professionals who can do the job for you.

    The process may be similar to the construction of a playroom, but it can take up less time without taking up a lot of space in your basement.


    Basements normally have average cleaning and maintenance requirements, but everything can easily go south once the waterproofing job isn’t redone before its due date. You see, concrete walls are permeable surfaces and moisture can easily seep into the room.

    It is for this reason that waterproofing is done on the walls, and it is highly recommended to be redone every few years or so to avoid the accumulation of mold and mildew. This is also stipulated in the finished basement building codes in NJ.

    Our professional teams are well-aware of what this entails, so we can guarantee you a seamless waterproofing service that can give you your money’s worth. It must also be known that we use sustainable and durable materials and chemicals for this process for maximum effectivity.

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    We can do so many things to improve your home, so it’s time to pull those ideas out of the ether and bring them to life. Indeed, there are a lot of other design-building companies that offer a similar range of finished basements in NJ services, but what truly makes us stand out is the quality of workmanship we can guarantee and the excellent customer assistance we can be proud of.

    It is in the best interest of NJ Reliable Construction LLC to provide these services in order to improve the quality of home life, one family at a time.

    We can do an entire renovation, furnish a remodeling, do a bit of architectural maintenance and finishing, or just get some repairs done. Let us know what you need, and what we can do everything we can to help.

    Feel free to contact NJ Reliable Construction LLC at 973-229-7192 for inquiries and scheduled consultations. You can also reach to us through our business email:

    If you’re also just around town, don’t hesitate to come over to our office at 2444 Morris Ave. Suite 210 Union, NJ 07083. Take all the time you need, but remember that you can start working on your dream basement anytime, and the best time is now. We hope to hear from you soon.