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Mold is a common yet often ignored disaster that affects NJ homes and businesses. For the most part, it’s the misunderstanding of home and business owners about mold exacerbating the problem in residential or commercial properties.

Exposure to mold infestation can lead to severe hazards for humans, especially children since these microbial organisms produce volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Unattended mold organisms often lead to rapid infestation throughout the property.

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Mold remediation in NJ – A Must for All NJ Properties

Mold infestation in NJ properties is common. Thanks to a suitable climate with high humidity during most part of the years, properties can be infested with molds even without any leaking pipes or water damage. The most hazardous aspect of mold infestation at homes or offices is the spread of Volatile Organic Compounds and spores that may lead to serious health problems, especially among children and elders.

At NJ Reliable, our mold remediation NJ services are meant to assist property owners in getting rid of mold infestation at the earliest. Our professionally trained staff and world-class techniques enable us to offer streamlined, affordable, and reliable mold remediation NJ services.

Understanding Mold

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misunderstanding and myths surrounding mold and mold remediation. In fact, any claim of total removal of mold from a property by a mold remediation service is nothing but a fallacy. 

In reality, mold spores are present almost everywhere (indoors and outdoors). These microscopic spores are easily carried far and wide through the air and can quickly enter properties through Windows and even HVAC systems. Here are some mold facts you need to consider:

  • Molds are present almost everywhere
  • Bring microscopic, mold spores can easily float far and wide through the air and enter properties through multiple sources, including HVAC systems, windows, doors, or even through pet
  • Mold thrives on moisture. Any exposure to water or moisture leads to the rapid growth of mold colonies
  • Mold infestation produces a strong, musty odor
  • Mold infestation can lead to a large amount of allergens and irritants inside homes
  • Mold remediation services start with addressing all sources that may be contributing water or moisture inside the property
  • Higher humidity inside properties can lead to higher than average mold growth. Thereby, it’s essential to keep humidity levels inside properties less than 45%.

Mold remediation New Jersey – Why Remediation and Not Removal?

Mold removal is a generic term that is often misused or misconstrued to boost 100% removal of mold from properties. In reality, it’s nearly impossible to remove 100% mold from properties; in fact, it isn’t even necessary. Mold remediation in New Jersey includes removing the most pressing risks posed by mold colonization, including its impacts on structural elements and contents of the property. At Reliable NJ, our mold remediation New Jersey strategy includes;

  • Sanding
  • Soda blasting
  • Antimicrobial products
  • Controlled demolition

NJ mold inspection Services

Water damage is devastating for properties in multiple ways. It not only poses a great danger to the structural integrity of the home but also leads to rotting of property content and mold infestation. Water damage or high moisture content inside properties often leads to the fast growth of mold infestation, which poses health hazards for residents due to the release of VOCs. With a highly humid climate for most of the years, properties in New Jersey are highly vulnerable to mold infestations (even without any water damage).

If you, too, have a home or office in New Jersey, you need professional NJ mold inspection services to ensure the safety of your family and staff. Any unattended mold growth can quickly blow up into an infestation, posing a severe health hazard for residents. At NJ Reliable, our NJ mold inspection services ensure that your home stays safe from any infestation. We recommend getting NJ mold inspection services at least bi-yearly (even if you don’t have any water damage). This would help you keep the property safe from mold infestation at all times.

Why Choose NJ Reliable for mold removal in New Jersey?

–         We’re Faster

Even a minor mold problem can blow up into infestation if not timely addressed. As a reliable mold removal New Jersey partner, we offer our clients the fastest mold remediation services. As soon as we receive the remediation request from clients, we immediately dispatch our team for property inspection. Our fast response ensures that mold damage is kept in check and lowers the remediation costs for our clients.

–         Highly Trained Mold Remediation Specialists

At NJ Reliable, we are one of the most trusted mold remediation NJ specialist agencies, specializing in water and mold damage control and restoration. We have invested heavily in our staff and resources that enable us to handle all mold infestation situations efficiently.

–         Advanced NJ Mold Remediation Techniques and Equipment

Our state-of-the-art mold remediation techniques and equipment enable us to detect and deter all water sources feeding the mold. Once we are able to identify the source, we effectively isolate the area using a negative air pressure chamber.

NJ Reliable, LLC – Your Mold Remediation New Jersey Specialist

Scheduling mold inspection and remediation is crucial at the very first sign of water damage or mold detection. At NJ Reliable, we offer comprehensive water damage restoration and mold remediation services to help property owners in NJ keep their properties free from mold infestation. We offer fast, reliable, and affordable NJ mold remediation services to keep you, your family, and office staff safe from health hazards posed by mold spores and VOCs.

If you see any signs of molds or have incurred water damage at your property, call our experts immediately to keep damage minimum. Our well-trained and experienced staff will be at your property in as low as an hour to inspect and start mold remediation services.

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