Bathroom Renovation in NJ

Are you looking forward to a stylish, valuable, and fully functional bathroom? If so, you are in the right place. Bathroom renovation NJ by NJ Reliable construction is at your service to remodel your bathroom according to your liking.  Repairs and remodels are essential for the bathroom to function properly and look great for years. Making various improvements to your bathroom will help it serve your family for a long time with functionality and comfort.

While remodeling a bathroom might sound cool, it is not usually easy to find the right person to do it. However, we keep your hassles of looking for the right contractor at bay.

The bathroom contractors at NJ Reliable Construction ensure that you get a well-designed finish that will serve your needs. We offer value-added services to help you use your bathroom for the longest time possible. NJ Reliable Construction will help your dream of a functional and stylish bathroom come to reality. We will assist in the process from the development of ideas to the last stage.

At NJ Reliable Construction, we ensure that you achieve the bathroom space of your dreams. We work with your estimated budget and also advise on the best durable materials. Bathroom remodeling costs in NJ can be affordable at the same time, assuring excellent results. While elegance is critical, we prioritize adding value to your space for increased efficiency. We make the bathroom user friendly by considering safety, lighting, and space.

Full Bathroom Remodels – NJ Reliable Construction

Full bathroom remodeling requires a complete overhaul from floors, walls, sinks, lighting, and other customization that you may need. A complete renovation not only changes the physical look but also improves the mood of the user. A renovated bathroom will be warmer and welcoming. In any case, if you are planning to sell your home, rest assured that a remodeled bathroom can fetch you reasonable amounts of cash.

After contacting our bathroom renovation NJ services, our professional team will assess the whole bathroom and recommend repair for all areas. The sink, bathtub, shower, and toilet are among the critical areas of concern when dealing with a full bathroom renovation.

Our bathroom contractors NJ professionals will discuss with you the desired look together with your budget. Our team will provide several options from which you can choose. At NJ Reliable Construction, we are committed to serving you better through a flexible budget. The materials and services needed for renovation will determine the cost of the whole project.

In case you do not have a clear picture of your desired look, the consulting team will provide several designs that will make choosing easier. After selecting the right design, it is time to allow the team to begin work immediately. The best part of NJ Reliable Construction is that they deal with professional workers, and therefore you are assured of a perfect bathroom look that will serve your needs.




    Luxurious bathroom
    Modern bathroom

    Small Bathroom Remodels

    When NJ Reliable Construction renovates your small bathroom, you can be sure to have a final look that has fashionable colors, amenities, and fixtures despite the limited space. We focus on creating openness and space without damaging the existing walls. The small bathroom will feel larger than its real square footage. We remove bulky features and replace them with new, which will create more space.

    How about updating your small bathroom? Most of the small bathrooms are old and look stuck in the past. However, with recent full bathrooms, everybody wants new amenities. A small bathroom renovation by NJ Reliable Construction will include new fixtures that invoke a modern feeling.

    Moreover, we will use fixings that allow more mobility to help you bathe in a safer place. Rest assured that your independence and confidence tops the list of concerns during the renovation.

    To have a clear picture of what NJ Reliable Construction can carry out for your bathroom renovation, we will discuss specialized bathroom remodels which include the following:

    Caulking and Grouting

    If your bathroom has developed cracks between the wall tiles and the shower pan, you should consider a quick but durable repair. Our experts will help you repair the joints by caulking and grouting. We decide the best caulk material that is mold resistant and will look a neat and clean. Caulking and grouting can be messy because the materials shrink as they cure. Depending on the nature of the existing damage, we will determine whether to use silicone or acrylic. We ensure that we have sealed all the joints neatly without damaging the shower pan.

    Installing Tile

    Most bathroom renovation projects include tile remodeling. Tiles make the bathroom attractive and also safeguard you from sliding on the floor. We provide a great mix and match of tiles for the floor and walls to give you a harmonious look. Our team offers textured shower tiles to prevent you from slipping in the shower. Tiles, when wet and soapy, might cause you to slip, and therefore it is critical to choose those that will safeguard you from accidents. We choose tiles that resist stains and are easy to clean.

    Bathroom Design Services

    An essential step of a bathroom renovation is choosing the right designs. The design illustrates your desired look. To develop a great plan, our NJ bathroom remodeling service allows you to explain your aspirations and the design elements needed. Our Bathroom remodeling team guides our customers on the best plan if they do not have a particular design in mind. We will help you with the latest ideas and trends that will change the look of your bathroom. Our professionals will design the new bathroom according to your budget and guide you through each renovation step.

    Updating Plumbing Fixtures

    While doing bathroom renovation in NJ, plumbing is one of the most critical parts, whether you consider a low or a high budget. Updating plumbing fixtures will ensure that no residue clogs in the PVC pipes. By using the appropriate width of pipe diameters, water drains quickly. Our plumbers will check all the pipes and ensure they are functional and also check for waterproofing issues. We verify that the pipes are properly sealed to avoid moisture and the buildup of mold.

    Replacing Toilets

    If your toilet has flushing problems or does not conserve water it is time for a replacement. Also, if the tank to bowl has separated from the toilet, a replacement will be needed. Our team of experts will use a water-efficient toilet that will minimize water costs. We will use a new one made with durable materials that will last for an extended period of time. You will also love the color coordination of the toilet with the rest of the bathroom. A magnificent choice of color will ensure that you enjoy the look once you step inside the bathroom.

    Repairing Leaks

    Checking for and repairing leaks is a requirement in any bathroom renovation plan. Our professional plumbers will check the point of leakage and determine its origin. Usually, the leakage can be in a drain line or from a water supply line. Bathroom leaks are also common in the toilet seal and can be identified through wetness around the toilet flange. This ring can be replaced with a new one and fixed correctly. Loose supply lines will also be tightened to avoid leakage from pressure.

    Installing Shower Doors

    A beautiful shower door will give you a warm welcome to your bathroom. The door provides the first impression and dictates the mood of the shower. Our abled team will guide you through the process of understanding your current entry and the importance of changing it.

    Glass is the ideal material for making a stable bathroom door because it will not be affected by water. With exceptional guidance from our team, you will choose the best glass that will not crack and leak.

    Replacing Vanities

    Bathroom vanities show wear and tear easily because of knocks. Renovating this area feels like a complete bathroom makeover. Vanity replacement focuses on the sink, the faucet, countertop, and the vanity cabinet. When renovating, our bathroom contractors in NJ team will be cautious to avoid exposing the surrounding areas to minimize cost. We also complete replacing the vanity with a good scrub and a fresh coat of paint on the walls that will freshen up your space.

    Hanging Towel Bars

    You might consider having towel hanging bars if your bathroom does not have them. NJ Reliable Construction team will ensure that you have the best material and size for your bars. We will avoid stuffing your wall with too many items and give a functional bathroom to serve you efficiently. Our team will provide you with a great layout that will comprise all the amenities. We can also shift the position of your current towel bars or repair the existing ones. Whatever your need is, please do not fret; we got you covered.

    Installing Grab Bars

    Grab bars are essential for some people to enjoy a quality lifestyle. They help with mobility by assisting when sitting, standing or moving with a wheelchair. Grab bars are especially important when you have an aged family member. A grab bar placed behind the toilet helps them to stand or sit on the toilet seat. NJ Reliable Construction team will customize your bathroom by installing grab bars at essential points of your bathroom. We will also advise the best size and texture for the bars depending on the user’s grip strength.

    Installing Walk-in Bathtubs

    Our bathroom renovation in NJ services include walk-in bathtubs that provide comfort and elegance. For a perfect bathtub, our professionals will take your bathroom measurements and install a safety tub that will change your bathing experience. Grab bars, non-slip floors, and a higher wall will guarantee you safety when showering. This plan will also include a built-in shower seat with a great texture to prevent slipping.

    Tub to Shower Conversion

    Tub to shower conversion is a remodel that brings in a modern and fresh feeling. Showers without tubs bring in comfort, fun, and ease of use. At NJ Reliable Construction we undertake the most luxurious bathtub to shower remodels with great fixtures. We will install shower heads with adjustable heights and volumes that can mimic rainfall. We bring in a new feeling of showering that connects you to nature.

    Our Estimates Are the Best Among Many Bathroom Contractors in NJ

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