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Are you facing a sewage backup at your home or office? Sewage backup can be messy and hazardous for health; thereby, you should immediately call professional sewage backup cleanup services.

Sewage backup should be considered an emergency since the sewage water contains various bacteria, viruses, and other microbes. Unattended or delayed sewage backup cleanup may lead to serious health issues, apart from substantial property destruction. The bacteria and viruses present in sewage water may contaminate your home or office water, gravely increasing the risk of hepatitis A, tetanus, and other diseases.

At NJ Reliable, our comprehensive and fast sewage backup in New Jersey services ensure your homes and offices remain free from sewage damage and health hazards. We got the right training and equipment to offer fast, reliable, and affordable sewage backup cleanup services in New Jersey.

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Fast Sewage backup in New Jersey

A sewage backup is an emergency and can cause significant damage to homes. Any blockage of sewer pipes can lead to an overflow of sewage water through the plumbing system. At NJ Reliable, our local sewage backup in New Jersey ream is ready to help you with all sorts of sewage backup cleanup services. As one of the leading sewage backup cleanup companies in New Jersey, we are able to offer comprehensive sewage cleanup services, including attending to the mess, preventing mold, eliminating odor, and sanitizing the entire area to eliminate any health and safety hazards.

We understand the emergency nature of sewage backup, which is why our highly trained staff is readily available to take on all sewage backup cleanup jobs and restore your property to a pre-damage environment.

We are available 24/7 to respond to all emergency calls and help our clients get back on track with their daily routine!

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NJ Reliable – Trusted Sewage backup cleanup partner in New Jersey!

At NJ Reliable, we offer complete sewage backup cleanup and damage restoration services for homes and commercial properties. As one of NJ’s largest and most trusted sewage backup cleanup providers, we maintain a highly professional and industry-trained team to ensure safe and effective sewage backup in the basement, shower, and other areas.

Our fast and efficient sewage backup cleanup services ensure that you are able to stay safe from any potential health hazard and are able to restart your life as soon as possible. We are available 24/7 and offer the fastest response time for all emergency sewage backup calls. To ensure safety, we use state-of-the-art tools and techniques to eliminate all pathogenic contaminations from your homes and offices.




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    How to clear sewage backup in the basement floor drain?

    Sewage backup in basement floor drain is a common issue for homes and offices. Since it is meant to drain excess water in the basement, usually, it remains pretty dry.

    Excessive rain or clogs are common reasons for sewage backup in basement floor drains. In case of a clog, the blockage may be located at the main sewer, drain, or house trap. Any inexperienced effort to investigate sewage backup in the basement floor drain can exacerbate the problem, even damaging your drain lines.

    Thereby, the best way to clear sewage backup in the basement floor drain is to call professional help. At NJ Reliable, we use the latest equipment and techniques to inspect your basement drains, clear clogs, and perform necessary repairs.

    How to clear Sewage backup in shower?

    The clogged sewer line is one of the most common reasons for sewage backup in showers or bathtubs. Since all the tubs, showers, toilets, and sinks are connected to a single drain pipe that drains the wastewater to the main sewer line of your home/office, this makes clogging of sewer lines is highly probable.

    Once the sewer line is clogged, the wastewater has nowhere to go but back to your home or office. This leads to sewage backup coming through showers, tubs, toilers, or other sewage openings.

    As always, the best way to deal with sewage backup in the shower is to contact professionals immediately. Any efforts to deal with clogged sewer lines without the right tools and experience often result in more plumbing damage.

    If you, too, are dealing with clogged drains in the shower, call our professional sewage cleanup experts today! We are available 24/7 and ensure fast cleaning and restoration at your property!

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    Can sewage cleanup make you Sick?

    Unfortunately, yes.

    One of the reasons why we highly recommend our clients not to deal with sewage backup on their own is due to health and safety issues. A sewage backup contains human waste, which is why it is the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of pathogenic microbes, bacteria, and viruses that can lead to serious illness. Excessive exposure to sewage backup can induce multiple diseases, including hepatitis A, tetanus, and more. To add to the worries, sewage backup releases methane and other toxic gases like hydrogen sulfide, which may cause terrible breathing issues, including suffocation. Thereby, the best way to deal with a sewage backup is to hire professional sewage cleanup services.

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    What does the Sewage backup cost?

    On average, a sewage backup costs between USD 2,000 to USD 10,000 and more. However, it’s hard to put an actual cost to a sewage backup since it depends on several factors. Thereby, to be able to give you accurate sewage backup cost, we will have to perform a damage inspection and determine the intensity of work required to repair and restore your property. At NJ Reliable, we are happy to offer you a free estimate for all sewage backup cleanup services.

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