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Water damage is one of the most prevalent and potentially disparaging problems homeowners face in New Jersey. From flooding to leaking faucets and broken water heaters, there remains a persistent threat of water damage for homeowners. If not contained timely, excessive water in homes can lead to multiple hazards, including electrical hazards, irreparable loss to property, structural damage, hazardous mold growth, and even a life-threatening situation for families.

So, when you are hit by water damage, call the most trusted and reliable water damage restoration New Jersey agency – NJ Reliable. We are just a call away to help you get over all sorts of water damage. Our experienced and professionally qualified staff are able to assess and mitigate all sorts of water damage to homes in New Jersey. NJ Reliable water damage restoration New Jersey is available 24/7 – ready to help you deliver emergency water damage restoration services in New Jersey.

Your Neighborhood Water Damage Restoration New Jersey Agency!

What makes us unique from other water damage restoration agencies in NJ is our connection to the community. As part of the community, we understand the emotions and feelings that go into any sort of damage to homes. As a locally owned and operated agency, NJ Reliable is always close to your homes and ready to help you with water damage restoration and repair services in emergency situations. We are proud to serve our local community with the best services at the most affordable prices. Our operational range in New Jersey includes;

  • Somerset, NJ
  • Heathcote, NJ
  • New Brunswick, NJ
  • Bound Brook, NJ
  • North Brunswick, NJ
  • South Bound Brook, NJ
  • Franklin Township, NJ
  • Highland Park, NJ
  • Kendall Park, NJ
  • Kingston, NJ
  • Zarephath, NJ

What Causes Water Damage?

Water damage is one of the most common issues faced by homeowners across NJ. Some of the most common reasons that may cause significant water damage in homes include;

  • Structural damage
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Foundation cracks
  • A leaking water heater
  • Broken water heaters
  • Blocked drains
  • HVAC condensation
  • Severe weather
  • Appliance leaks
  • Burst or broken pipes and hoses
  • Sump pump problems
  • A clogged toilet
  • Moisture behind walls
  • A leaking roof
  • Clogged gutters

As a prevalent issue, water damage in homes can lead to all sorts of damages, from paint damage to mold growth and weakening the structural integrity of your home. While water damage can damage all parts of your home, some of the more vulnerable areas that are commonly impacted by water damage include; ceilings, basements, kitchen, and walls. That’s because most of the leaky pipers and floods happen to be in these areas.

If you face water damage, we highly recommend you immediately call professional water damage restoration experts to minimize the damage extent and take mitigatory measures.

At NJ Reliable, we are proud to be one of the most trusted water damage remediation NJ agencies offering fast, affordable and reliable water damage repair and restoration services. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year, to protect our community from expensive water damage in homes.

Our Proven Water Damage Remediation New Jersey Process!

At NJ Reliable, our proven 3 steps water damage remediation New Jersey process ensures that we are able to protect our customers as fast as possible while minimizing the damage to property.

  1. As soon as we receive a call, our technicians visit the property to assess the damage through a comprehensive inspection.
  2. Next, our technicians swiftly move on to take mitigatory and preventive measures to keep damages to a minimum at your property.
  3. Lastly, once the water damage has been contained, we move on to assist homeowners in recovering from the water damage and returning their homes to pre-loss condition.

How to deal with water damage at home?

While we highly recommend you to call professional water damage remediation NJ to minimize the losses and contain water damage, there are a few steps you can take before the help arrive. Since time is crucial to deal with water damage, your quick response can make a major difference in keeping the damage at a minimum. Below are some recommendations from our water damage repair and restoration experts can you can take before our technicians arrive at your place:

Steps you should take:

  • Call professional water damage remediation and restoration agency as fast as possible. Each minute that water stands in your home can lead to the growth of bacteria and mold
  • Start removing any standing water by mopping or blotting
  • Start removing all wet floor coverings (mats/rugs) which aren’t permanently attached
  • Start moving removable items like art, paintings to dry locations

Steps you should not take:

While we encourage homeowners to take certain steps to minimize water damage loss, still as non-professionals, some steps can cause injury. Below are some recommended steps homeowners should not take in case of water damage:

  • Never enter a room with standing water until you are sure that the electricity has been turned off
  • Don’t use a general-purpose household vacuum to remove water (those aren’t meant for the purpose)
  • Don’t use any electrical appliances on wet floorings/rugs
  • Never try to remove permanent floorings/rugs without professional help
  • Don’t try to remove visible mold

NJ Reliable – The Reliable Water Damage Repair Service in New Jersey

While there will always remain a chance of water damage in homes, you can minimize the damage to your property and valuable possessions with fast, professional water damage assistance. At NJ Reliable, we understand that timely response can save fortunes for our customers, which is why we are always ready to offer our professional help 24/7 for emergency water damage services. As a trusted water damage repair agency in New Jersey, we got the right resources and a highly expert team of technicians ready to rescue your homes with proven water remediation techniques. From start to finish, our expert technicians will be there to help you repair and restore your home to the pre-loss condition and put you back in your home safely.




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